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Welcome to the Newly Updated GolfTest USA Website!!!!

GolfTest USA is the #1 source to get information, test results, reviews and ratings on all golf related products and services from a COMPLETELY independent and unbiased source. We want golf consumers to have the information they need to make informed decisions about their purchases of golf products and services.


We will be conducting testing on many new golf products over the next few months and we will keep golfers informed of tests as they are completed if you sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Complete the Newsletter Signup to get on our mailing list. We will NEVER give out your email address to any other source or organization so you can be assured that you will never receive any Spam as the result of signing up to receive our newsletter.


New Feature: The GolfTest USA Golf Product of the Month: The Walking Sticks Golf Clubs!!!


Read about the results of a special review GolfTest USA conducted on the Walking Sticks Golf Clubs at our test facility at Canoa Ranch Golf Resort in Green Valley, Arizona

The results of the review showed that the Walking Sticks Irons performed at the same level as any of the current top of the line irons. Any golfer looking to lighten their golf bag and enjoy walking on the course again should check out these amazing irons.


Walking Sticks has a Special Offer for visitors to the GolfTest USA website. Order a set of Walking Sticks Clubs and get a $100 OFF Plus a Free Golf Bag. Walking Sticks will also make a $20 donation to The Integra*T Youth Golf Foundation. This is a Win, Win, Win for eveyone. To receive your $100 discount just put golftestusa in the voucher box when you check out. Click on the following link to find out more about the Walking Sticks Golf Clubs. click here.



Positive Results Reported by Golfers after using 

the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table!!!!!!!!


Teeter Hang Ups EP-860 Inversion Table


Click on the following link to find out more about the Comprehensive Teeter Hang Ups Test. click here.



The Test Results for the NEW Kiwi Firecracker Tee are in and they are IMPRESSIVE!!!


Read about the results of a special test GolfTest USA conducted on the Kiwi Firecracker Tee at our test facility at Canoa Ranch Golf Resort in Green Valley, Arizona



The results of the test conclusively showed that the Kiwi Firecracker Tee is one of the top high performance tees. Any golfer looking to improve their distance and accuracy off the tee should give the Kiwi Firecracker

tee a "TEST DRIVE".

Click on the following link to find out more about the Kiwi Firecracker Tee Test. click here.



Is the ClearBall Putter the next TwoBall Putter?

Read about the results of a special putter test GolfTest USA conducted on the ClearBall Putter at our test facility at Canoa Ranch Golf Resort in Green Valley, Arizona.


GolfTest USA has tested 100's of putters over the years but we have to say that the ClearBall putter from Innovations Golf could very well turn out to be the best designed putter we tested to date.  The test results showed that the ClearBall putter will help golfers make more putts from inside 10 feet. It may also turn golfers who are poor putters into average putters and average putters into good putters.


The results of the test were very impressive and showed that the ClearBall Putter is “clearly” a putter that should be considered by any golfer who is looking to improve their putting.

Click on the following link to find out more about the ClearBall Putter Test. click here.



Independent testing shows that the Swedge Swing Training Aid produces positive results for golfers looking to improve their swing.

The Avid Golf Company has developed a simple and effective swing training aid called the Swedge that everyone can afford and use to improve their distance, accuracy and tempo.


GolfTest USA has tested many swing training aids in the past twelve years but we have never seen one that was as easy to use and produced such positive results for most of our testers as the Swedge Training Aid. One of the best features of the Swedge Training Aid is that you can practice with it anytime. You don’t even have to be at the range hitting balls. You can swing anywhere with a club and the Swedge under your arm. It requires no time to set up. You can practice for a minute or longer without having to plan ahead.  One of the most important attributes of the Swedge Training Aid is that it is so affordable and everyone can get one and keep it handily attached to your golf bag to use anytime your swing gets “out of sorts”.

For more info on the Swedge Swing Training Aid click here!



Bobby Jones Drivers and Graphite Design Shafts Go Great Together.  

Recently GolfTest USA conducted a special test comparing “high performance” golf tees.  We wanted to be sure that the test was conducted using a driver and shaft combination that would provide us with consistent results across a wide range of golfers who had varying swing speeds and skill levels. We did extensive internal testing and determined that the best driver was the new driver that Jesse Ortiz had just designed to replace the old Bobby Jones model. He recommended that the drivers used in the test be fitted with the Graphite Design G-series shafts. We had Jesse make us six drivers with different lofts and flexes to be sure each participant in the Tee Test would be using a properly fitted driver. This is the first time we have used a format in which each participant used the same model driver in a test. The results were so consistent that we will consider using the same testing protocol in all future tests. In fact, we were able to lower the statistical margin of error from +/- 5% to an astounding 2%. We can’t thank Jesse Ortiz, at Bobby Jones Golf, enough for all his help. We also want to give a very special thanks to Graphite Design Shafts.


For more information on the awesome new Bobby Jones driver go to


For more information on the wide range of premium golf shafts at Graphite Design go to


GolfTest USA has just posted a review of the GPSQUICKCLIP Golf Accessory

To view the review click here.





New Testing Facility at Canoa Ranch Golf Club in Green Valley, Arizona

As of January 1, 2008 GolfTest USA had the opportunity to move our test facility to the beautiful Canoa Ranch Golf Club in Green Valley. This move will allow us much more flexibility in our testing schedule. In past years we could only test one or two club categories at a time. We have received many comments (complaints if you prefer) from club companies and golfers alike that we consider reevaluating our testing schedule. By testing one club category at a time we found that many of the test results were old “news” by the time they were posted and no longer of use to golfers trying to figure out what new clubs would be best for them. We are now able to run testing regimens on all club categories concurrently. Club companies can now send us their clubs for testing when they are ready (instead of when GolfTest USA is ready) to introduce their new clubs so golfers can see the results of our independent golfer testing. In the past club models were on the shelves for 2 or 3 years but now that cycle has changed to ever year. We feel our new testing schedule will help us stay ahead of the curve and keep our test results relevant to the more than 2 million golfers worldwide who rely on our test results to help them make their decisions on which clubs would be right for them.

The Canoa Ranch practice area has a large expansive putting green, varied short game scenarios and a wide deep driving range. By being located in the Green Valley area we can draw from a pool of over 20,000 golfers from all age groups and demographics. In the winter months golfers from all over the country and world vacation here to play the many beautiful, challenging and reasonably priced (even in winter) golf courses located within 20 miles for Green Valley. Just a few miles down the road is the famous Tubac Country Club where Tin Cup, one of the most popular golf films of all time was filmed. Twenty miles to the north is Tucson, which has several of the top rated courses in the US.


More info on Canoa Ranch Golf Club!!! 
The Canoa Ranch Golf Club ( is one of the most scenic courses in the country. If you are fortunate enough to be able to play here be sure to bring your camera as each hole offers awesome views of the mountains and the desert. It is surrounded by three different mountain ranges and is cut in a series of arroyos that cause each hole to have its own unique look and feel. Many of the holes have daunting elevation changes. It is a par 70 that has 6 par threes. Only the brave and most skilled players should consider playing from the tips as the par 3’s are some of the most difficult found anywhere. Canoa Ranch brings new meaning to the term “target” golf. Any golfer who walks away with a score of 90 or less can indeed be proud of good day of golf. For the less challenged playing the course from the forward tees will decrease one’s frustration to a reasonable level.

Canoa Ranch has a sister course just a few miles away called Torres Blancas Golf Club. It is more subdued and forgiving than Canoa Ranch but still offers an enjoyable and challenging day of golf for all skill levels.

Unlike some other testing organizations we do not accept any advertising revenue from any of our clients. Thus we are able to remain completely independent and unbiased.


New GolfTest USA Lead Test Administrator!!!!
GolfTest USA is pleased to announce that Bob Barrette has been added to our testing staff. Bob has been appointed to the position of Lead Test Administrator. He has vast experience in golf starting with almost 20 years as a professional custom club builder. He is an accomplished amateur golfer having won several club championships and amateur golf tournaments. Bob knows golf inside and out and is an astute student of the game. Along with his many other duties Bob will be conducting the preliminary screening evaluations of the many golf training aids and accessories we receive to determine which ones are worthy of further testing. GolfTest USA is very fortunate to have someone of Bob’s stature and experience on our staff.


The GolfTest USA "Seal of Excellence"

Over the past several years GolfTest USA has had golfers evaluate many different golf products. We have created the GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellence and will be awarding it to select golf products that have undergone our testing regimen. To be awarded the GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence a golf product must be tested and reviewed by our staff of golf testers and be judged to be of superior quality, value and performance.

GolfTest USA believes that having a golf product tested and rated by real golfers in an independent and unbiased format will help golf consumers determine which golf products would be right for them. A golfer considering purchasing a golf product that has been awarded the GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellence can feel confident that it will be a quality product.


Please visit Integra T Youth Golf Foundation to find out how you can help support American youth golf programs. Last year we provided over 150 sets of clubs to young golfers who could not afford to buy their own golf equipment. An important source of revenue for Integra T Youth Golf Foundation comes from visitors to the GolfTest USA website who click on “Pro Shop” at the top of each page. That link goes directly to The Golf Warehouse, the largest and best online golf retailer. We hope that if you like the information and services that we provide you will visit our Pro Shop link prior to making any golf purchases elsewhere. Give us the opportunity to gain your business if you see that you can get the same golf products you want at the low price you expect. GolfTest USA directs 100% of all proceeds from our Pro Shop to the Integra T Youth Golf Foundation


By patronizing The Golf Warehouse through our Pro Shop link you will help us to continue providing golf equipment to youth golf programs around the world. (Clicking on our Pro Shop link has NO effect on the low prices you will pay at The Golf Warehouse). They offer the best service, price, selection, low price guarantee and return policy in the golf industry. If you are not completely satisfied with any product or service please let us know so we can address your concerns with The Golf Warehouse. In the 12 years that we have been associated with them we have never had an unsatisfied customer. Check out our Pro Shop for all the latest special offers. GolfTest USA does not endorse any particular golf equipment and we do not receive any advertising revenue from any company in the golf industry. By doing this we are able to remain unbiased and independent.